PyCon 2017

Nooro is a small Canadian software team that has evolved with our clients' ever-changing needs and following our interests since 1995.

If you're attending PyCon, we have nothing to sell you -- we're just here to learn and grateful for the chance to connect with our tribe once a year.

We couldn't do what we do without Python and eleventy-nine great Open Source projects that others (maybe you?) have built with Python. So we thought we'd try to sponsor PyCon this year as a small way of giving back.

Looking forward to meeting you there! Say hi if you see us at the conference, or email Shane at any time.

Shane McChesney

CEO, Privacy Officer, web developer, project manager, Bitcoin/cryptocurrency geek.

Trevor Morgan

Systems Architect, lead dev, Python & DevOps guru, machine learning enthusiast.

Nooro Inc. o/a Nooro Online Research
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